Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Blog!!

Well, my person didn't like using the blog of the former four leggers she took care of, so she is working on creating a new blog!  Just for me!!  'Bout time! New Year - new Blog for me!!!

If she starts slacking, I will report her....

This is me right after my person got me.  I can't wait for the nice Texas summer again :)  It has been raining here a lot lately.  She says that is a good thing because we finally have a green yard!  Whatever...all I know is she won't let me run in my back yard because of all of the "tunnels to China" that were created this summer due to no rains.

Well - gotta go take a nap now.  Overseeing her creating this blog thingy has plum tuckered me out!

Bark at ya later!