Saturday, January 28, 2012

HOME, HOMe, HOme, Home...

Whoo Hoo!  

So, she is FINALLY home!  She hasn't taken one note or prepared one post for all of my friends since she came home Tuesday night- claims she is "working" and "recovering".  Whatever that means!  And yes, I am now going to call her my she instead of my person from now on.  She didn't appreciate my generic name for her!

So, while she was exploring the great outdoors in Colorado, this is what I saw:

Ok, I did see other colors, but this was a special day!  Gorgeous pups!!!  What is better than a whole bunch of me's!!!!!

Here is a bit of what she saw in Colorado!  

Wow!  What a variety!  

She says that these are only the "Inside" friends she was with in Colorado.  There were lots of "Outside" friends that she missed with the new flashy beast!  Question for you - What are "Outside" friends?  I don't meet friends outside much being in the GST...we need our AC and comfort!   

I loved my time at Dogtopia, but I missed my she!  I ran circles around her for a very long time when she picked me up!  But, silly she that she is, she forgot her new flashy beast in my ride - so no pictures of our reunion!  Well, we finally left Dogtopia, and after 6 whole days there, I was H-O-M-E!  

20 seconds in the door - I found my "let me rest for a bit" space:

30 seconds in the door - I didn't want to move an inch, let alone go to bed!!  I am EXHAUSTED!

Home sweet home....see you in the morning...Now turn off the flashy hurts my eyes.
Well, I have to talk my she into getting more postings on this blog space!  She has lots of some cool pictures to show you of her time in Colorado with her new flashy beast!  So, it may be a while before you see another picture of my gorgous self!  (ya, right!!)  

PS - The answers to where my she has been since August!  
  • Denali National Park, Alaska  (August)
  • Seaworld in Orlando Florida (November)
  • Coon Rapids, Minneapolis (December) (She forgot her flashy beast...BOL!  Fooled you!)  But I did like the answer of the "far side of the moon"! How cool would that be!
  • Colorado!

Being from the GST, she said she would tell me what those big things are in the pictures at some point in the future....she has to consult with K and R first on how to "break the news" to me???

Bark at ya later!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bye for Now!

Ok, ya all!

I am off to vacation early tomorrow!  Whoo Hoo!!  So, just so you don't forget me, here I am!  How handsome am I???!!!!

Oh - Wait!  Wrong picture!  This is when I gave myself a "facial" (and body scrub) after a rains here recently in the GST!  Good smells after the rains, don't ya know!!!  Boy, my person was speachless!  That never happens!!

(PS from the person - he seems to enjoy doing this a lot!  Luckily, he doesn't really mind the wash cloth and towel treatment afterwords!  Guess he just has too much fun getting this way and the scrubbing and combing he gets afterwords!)

OK, here is the handsome pic:  The morning sun on my face as I wait for my person to close up my ride!  (On my way to Dogtopia a few days ago - when the flashy beast was still in working order!)

Now - Just because my person will be out of town and not keeping up with my blog, she wants to give you new clues to where she has been!  These are in order!  August, November and then December....

Blast!  That December trip looks pretty depressing!!

Bark at ya when my person decides to come home!!  Until then, I will romp, roll, sniff, lounge, nap and play!  I have such a hard life!!

Bark at ya later!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I don't get it.....

So - The flashy beast is broken, mom is getting ready to leave me, and all she is thinking about is writing a letter??!!  I just don't get it!

Can someone explain this to me???

Bark at ya later!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Flashy Beast News Alert!

Hey ya'all!  (This post is long for me....but since I haven't posted this week, I have a lot to tell you about!!)

Oh no!  I broke the flashy beast!  Yup!  I refused to cooperate with him at all this past week!  Now, he is refusing to work!!  This wouldn't bug my person too much normally, but you see, she is getting ready to leave me for a "mini-vacation" to go and see the "sun-sets and sun-rises" where K, R, KB and the Runner live!  Yup!  She is going to Colorado on Thursday and isn't too please that I broke the beast!  (She wants to get some great pics like KB gets - fat chance if you ask me...but she can try!)

So - my person is going to fly on a big bird, go see the "wild" south-eastern plains, go to a "murder mystery?", have a girls night in, eat, drink, AND go up into the big woods to explore and hike!  ALL WITHOUT ME!

Should I be a jealous??  Ok, truth be told, I guess I would like to see snow, the big woods and do a bit of hiking.  But I don't want to deal with the big bird and traveling from place to place on a daily basis - especially the places with no four leggers for me to play with!!

So, I have decided that it is best if I just have my own vacation here in Texas and enjoy a stay at Dogtopia!!  Yup - I get to go stay at my most favorite place and play with all of my friends for days!!  Whoo Hoo!  (Poor Dogtopia!  I can be unruly, challenging, full of energy and lots of exercise for them at times!).

Just so you don't forget me until the flashy beast gets fixed or replaced (which my person doesn't want to do 'cause she has a few of them laying around),  I leave you with a picture of me, and a few pictures of mom's latest adventures...Can you guess where she was??  These pics are all taken since August!  Yes, I have been having too much fun on my vacations at Dogtopia since she has has been all over !!!

Me behaving for once looking my best and wondering where the water is:

Bring on the Waves!
This was her trip in August!  You have to look for the 'glowing eyes" on this one!  Middle right....

Here was her November trip!

Her was her December trip!

Hopefully, her January trip pictures are better than December!!  Let me know where you think my person was during all her trips!  December might be a little difficult though, I'll admit!

Bark at ya later!


OH - PS, just for good measure, here is the area I live in in the GST!  Just ignore all of the two legger dwellings...they are all over the place here!!  

The Flashy Beast is Broke!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays....

MOM!  I am really feeling better!  (My right eye is not tired!  Electronics problems for my person...!!)

Here...put this on and let's get out of here!

Me and my big mouth....

This is so fun (not).....but sort of work it!  I get the brush next! 

Take that you wet dryer!

Bark at ya later!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Seizure Monsters!

Today is just a day to relax for me.  You see, I get the seizure monsters sometimes!  They woke me and my person up VERY early this morning - but I am feeling much better now.  But, I just want to lounge today....

My person is keeping a diary of these blasted monsters so she can talk with the experts more.

I never have these monsters at Dogtopia that they have seen!!  Maybe I should just move there!!  (I do wear a special red collar while I am there so that all of the two leggers know I have a medical condition and they can watch me extra close!)

OK, I will just relax and remember some of my fun times from the not so distant past!

"Back to the Beach" week at Dogtopia!!  What fun!!

Bark at ya later!


Friday, January 6, 2012

Live, Love, Play - Dogtopia!

This is "yours truly" in the mornings - at least it was me before the no rains here in Texas created the craters to "China" in my back yard!  Now my person doesn't want me doing zoomies cause she is a pooper!


So, when she has to go to workies, I want to go someplace too! It is only fair! After all, it is a known fact - No Zoomies = One Overly Energetic Pup!  I try talking to her - but she only hears me about 50% of the time.  Selective hearing if you ask me!

Take me with you, Take me with you, Take me with you!

But the other 50% of the time!!!  Yee Haw!  

OK - I'm in my car!  What are you waiting for?

Yea!  Dogtopia!  My most favorite of places!  

After the long and painstaking walk through a parking lot to get to the front door, we are almost there!  

Open, open, open!

Now I have to drag mom walk nicely down a LONG hall to get to the "inner" door - where all of the fun is!  Good grief!  How many doors do you need?  Where is a doggie door when you need one?  

Come on already!  You're so slow!

Ahhh, some play time!!  This place is great!  It has 3 big play rooms - The "Toy Box", "Gym" and "Romper Room"!  I get to go romping, rolling, sniffing and lounging with all of my four legged friends!  (And you can take that to the bank!  They advertise it and I get it!!)  And I have made a few friends here let me tell you!  They also have special play days - which I will tell you about later!

Here I am having a bit of fun with one of the pack leaders...  

Come and get me if you can!
I can TOO bark longer than you Daisy!

Ah, a bit of lounging time!

After a full day of fun and playing with all of the other four leggers and pack leaders, my person picks me up  and we go home.  It takes me a few minutes to even get out of my car!  I am almost snoozing so comfy in it!  Once inside the walls, it is off to the living room and ...

Ah, running and.playing...playing and running!
Oops!  Tearing that shirt was probably a no-no! 

REAL soon after...I am o-u-t, out, out, out!  Seriously!


I think this is the part of the day that my person likes the best!  One plum tuckered out pooch after a grand day!

Bark at ya later!


Note - My person says it is important for me to give thanks!  Thank you's are given for my blog title today as well as my banner picture (and any current and future pictures of me playing at Dogtopia) to my best two legger friends other than my person - Kim and Amy at Dogtopia!  The title of this blog is the motto of Dogtopia!  Great, isn't it??!!  The banner picture was taken by Dogtopia of me during one of their "back to the beach" days!  If you would like additional information about Dogtopia for pooches in the Waco, TX area  you can contact Kim and Amy at Dogtopia here:  Dogtopia  Dogtopia also has other locations all around the states and you can find the one closest to you here:  Dogtopia Locations

Monday, January 2, 2012


Hey ya all,

My person thought she would share some "before me" pictures with you (cause she is trying to figure out what I am trying to tell her this blog should be about!!).  

This is my blog - the Golden Boy from the "Great State of Texas" !  Need I say more!!??  My person is originally from Colorado - where is that??  She has been in the "Great State of Texas" for just over two years!  (OK, "Great State of Texas" is getting too hard to repeat all the time...just know it is true and I won't say it too often anymore!)  

(Note from Baylors' person:  He didn't ask my opinion on the "GST" - he is just sort of one-sided being a native of Texas and all....)

She came here without a four legger...and didn't find the situation to her liking!  I mean, she made sure she got a place with room for a four legger when she moved here - with most of the amenities that are necessary!  (Me:  Texas + No Pool = Big Mistake)  She just didn't know who she should share her space with!  

LOOK  AT WHAT SHE CAME UP WITH!!  I mean, really.....this is all she could come up with?  No imagination at all!!  :)

This pup traveled all over "my" house and "my" yard before I came here.....

This upstart even tried to "sweet talk" the mail person!  

My person named her "Buddy!"  That name is soooo original, huh?  She was the only four legger my person had for almost 6 months!  

SOMETHING ISN'T RIGHT!  I guess her world was just all upside down before I rescued her!

Oh well, at least she smartened up and let me help her out!!!  The best thing my person has ever done for herself  was getting me ! :)  Whoo hoo!

More stories to come of my time in the GST!  (You should know that by now!!)

Bark at ya later!

Cleaning Day?? No Way!

Mom says it is time to put away all my toys.  It's cleaning day!  (Like she really knows what that means.. . HAHAHA!!!!)

She won't get this one!  I have my eyes on her!

Bark at ya later!


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Paws Crossed and a Great Blog.....

Just wanted to share this with you all (ok, not so many of you all yet, but I have high hopes) this blog and the health scaries that are going on in Colorado.  Please send good vibes to our friend K - she needs all the paws crossed at this time.  Also keep in mind her four legged friend R and her bipeds.....

K in Colorado

Thank you for your paws forward!  These guys are the best!



Woo Hoo!  2012!  I hope every furry friend (and kibble buyer) has a GREAT new year!

I have my new years resolutions all ready - if my person doesn't help me out, I may be reaching out to you!

1.  More walks to see the great state of Texas!
2.  More pool time in the Spring/Summer/Fall - or any time is is hot!
3.  More play time with my friends at Dogtopia!
4.  More time in my Jeep exploring more of the great state of Texas!

My list goes on, but these should keep my person busy enough!

Bark at ya later!