Friday, July 20, 2012

Miss Me???

Wow!  It has been almost 4 months since I have tied down my mom to post for me!  She has been working on things called "system conversion" and "year end" and has been working STUPID hours!!  I have the evidence above!  What does she think I am?  A desk for her to use at her leisure??

Luckily, I get to go have fun while she does what she does!  Dogtopia LOVES me!!

Now, her last deadline was today, so now she is going to relax!!

I had hoped! NOPE!  Was I wrong!   

I have been advised today that we are now going to pack up all of my things and move!  To FLORIDA!  Where is that??  She showed me on a map, and told me it was another HOT place 1,000 miles away, but it wouldn't be as hot as is here is the GST.  Yea, right...I don't believe her.

Then she tells me that we are going to move in with a couple of friends for a month or two until she gets her own place...I don't know if I am going to like this!

Hmmm.....the black thing she tells me is a "Kat".  She then tells me the other thing is a "dog".

This is a dog??  Really??  He is the same size as the Kat!  I am told he ALMOST weighs 5 pounds.  I weigh 85 pounds.  You do the math.  I hope I don't squish him!!  (He is cute, and SMART!  At least that is what mom says...I will reserve judgement until I meet him!)

She has told me that once we get to the Florida place, I will be able to play in water bigger than the pools here in Texas.  I don't know if I will like that, but I guess we are off for a new adventure!  At least she won't be working 24/7!  That, I am excited about!

So, now, I don't know how much I can get her to post in the coming month or two, but she will document my FIRST EVER long road trip and all of the places that we see on our way to the "Sunny" state of Florida....and my first trip to the Ocean...what ever that is!!  I wonder if I can get room service at the Ocean?  That would be GREAT!

Bark at ya later!