Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Continuing On......

So, here is the rest of my trip to Florida:

New Orleans:

It rained a lot!!  So I stayed dry and comfy....
Watched a little TV....
And went to this cool park when it stopped raining!!!  See how good I am sitting?!?!? Loose leash and everthing!!
Panama City Beach:

 I didn't get to go here......can't imagine why!!??
Man, by these pictures, you would think I didn't get to do anything!  Not true!  It's just that mom is a little limited in her ability to control my poundage and a camera at the same time!!  I can't imagine that....I am such a good boy! ;)
We finally arrived home to our new digs in Florida.   Everything was way OK for about an hour or so.....THEN::::::
The "dog" (Neeko) is now 9.5 pounds at the terrible (for me) puppy age of 6 months!  He only weighed 1.5 pounds when he was 6 weeks old!  I think he is an alien!
The "cat" (Shadow) is only 7 pounds!  I gave her this fine "Neeko-proof-hiding-place" just a little while ago...she really likes that the little guy ignores her here!!  
Let's see - 9.5 pounds + 7 poundsd = I can sit on them and they can't do a thing about it!!!  HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Next up:  Who knows...maybe our new improved (bigger) Dogtopia pool, our trip to Charleston, or just me hanging with the new zoo in Florida!
Bark at ya soon!

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Hey Ya'all!

Wow!  Has it been a long time or what?!  I have so much to tell and show you!  Last you heard, I was moving!  And indeed I did!  I have been quite the "jet setting" guy recently.  OK, "car jetting" guy really, but I am not complaining - much!!  So, here was my last day in the GST at my house - See a few boxes?? BORING STUFF watching mom put all of our stuff in them!!

I tried to tell mom she wasn't doing it right, but did she listen to me??  NOPE!

A video was supposed to be posted here of me telling her what I thought, but she isn't learning her new computer that good....she burned out the last one working off my kibble bill!!

Here was my last day (and night) at Dogtopia!!!::::  Man, do I miss that place sometimes!

Here was moms last night in the GST:  (who had it better??!)

ME ME ME ME ME ME ME - of course!!
So, off we start - all by ourselves!!  Our first stop was only around the corner!  She didn't know that I would be a good traveler!  So she kept our excursion in town on our first day!!  I loved my bed and my room and got used to the sounds pretty quickly.
The next day we were off for our great adventure that we had discussed in detail the night before!  
We drove for what seemed like FOREVER!  Mom told me it was only a "little jaunt" to go and pick up my friend Dee.  Well, it seemed like much longer until I saw her!!!  She flew in an airplane all the way from Florida - to be my personal travel companion and tug-of-war buddie.  No one should have to travel 1,200  miles without this type of personal service, let me tell you.  Whoo Hoo!!
So, here we are in HOUSTON!  Thank heavns we are still in the GST!! 
I think this traveling stuff is going to be a pice of cake at this point!  What more could I want!  Ok, maybe I am hungry now that I mentioned the cake thing.....
That's it for now.....still to come.....Lousiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina!!  Told you I am a "traveling" doggie now!!
And we won't even mention all of the "gator" signs I have to pay attention still hasn't told me what a gator is, but advises me that they are not for playing...
Bark at ya soon with more of my grand adventure!