Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bird on a Wire

Ok, lot of birds on lots of wires!  My she has asked about these birds, but the folks around here don't know much about them!  I think she is asking the wrong people!  So, she did some research.  She thinks these flying guys are called "Grackles".  They are quite loud and have a variety of sounds.  All she knows is their poopies are toxic!  At least to the paint job on my ride!  She already has to find a repair shop cause she didn't know their "business" would eat the paint!  They also have no fear!  They walk all around on the ground around peoples and especially enjoy jumping on my ride!

She is quite facinated by these guys - expecially when they congregate in VERY large groups - anywhere they please!  Then, they seem to get bored sitting around and have to do a fly-by before re-landing where they were.  Guess they just need their exercise!

Be sure to wash your cars often if you come to the Great State of Texas!!




  1. Grackles, eh? I've heard the word but had never seen a pic of them.

    Yeah, bird poo is a big problem on car duco. One of my cars got quite pitted all over because I didn't realise.

  2. Yikes! Looks like a scene out of the movie Birds!