Friday, February 10, 2012

Life is Ruff....

Just another work week for me here!  I am sure glad sad it is over!  My week started out simply enough...Tummy Rub Tuesday at Dogtopia!

Psst - Baylor - Don't look now but Rambo is getting a tummy rub!
Not bad....tummy rub in my castle....
Ah, now this is more like it!  Rambo, It is NOT your turn yet....
Your getting in the way of the hands!
The two handed tummy rub!  The best!
OK, how many pups have to supervise my tummy rub?!
I'll take this!  At least there is no puppy supervision
to distract the hands!  This guy is good!  
How fun was that!!!  I vote we have "Tummy Rub Tuesdays" every day!!!  OK, OK, just the days I am there will be fine by me!

So - my person is going to take me out this weekend and explain to me what the big "to-do" is about the big hills in Colorado.  I will let you know what I find out! Can't be that big of a deal, can it???

Bark at ya later!



  1. Hey there Baylor - because you've been raving about this place, we tried to find one near us, but the closest one is in another state! Looks like you are having a blast!!

    1. Oh! So sorry there is not one near you! I do have lots of fun there! Makes my mom feel less guilty having to work for my kibble!!

  2. Tummy Rub Tuesday, I LOVE it. I go to Bert's place on Tuesdays- I think I will talk to his Vickie about starting Tummy Rub Tuesday at the Canine Country Club.

    1. Yes! You should! The CCC sounds like a great place too! Ah, life is grand, isn't it?!