Monday, February 6, 2012

Flashy Beast Update!

So, when my she was in Colorado, she broke down and bought a new flashy beast.  (She wanted to get pictures of all the the great big hills, snow, as well as all her friends - both two and four leggers, when she was there after all).

She advised me that she only bought the flashy beast she did because it has a special automatic setting of "pet portrait" and lots of zoomie power!  I love zoomie power!!!  It is supposed to make taking pictures of my gorgeous self  "a no brainer" simple as pie...

Well, let's just take a look see, shall we?

Little too much zoomie there, don't ya think??

Back off the zoomie!   Please!  Close ups come after you learn the beast!
OK, better zoomie and focus!  But please, not while I dry off!!!

I'm cute!

She really did a much better job in Colorado with the new flashy beast and taking a picture of this little snack cuttie pie.

And yes, she really did take the picture of me in my towel when she got home from Colorado!  She just hasn't taken down that ladder thing on the wall yet!  So, please ignore the festive decorations in February at my house!  (She says she will take them down tonight - yup!  Around here, seeing is believing!)  hehehehe

Bark at ya all later!


Late entry!  My she just found this!  Getting better with the zoomie if you ask me!!


  1. I love the towel picture. BOL.

  2. Awesome, Baylor!!! I love you in your towel.

  3. You can't get any peace in this world. There you are trying to towel yourself off, when WAMMO, a papprazzi comes in! We love your zoomie pics though, very cute!

  4. Well, that camera sure does take some beautiful pictures!!

  5. I wonder if her flashy beast might be an Olympus. Mine has a setting that automatically takes a photo, without anyone pressing the button, when it sees a cat or dog face. One the other hand, it took one when I pointed it at a bottle of wine. Hmmm...

  6. Enjoyed our visit to your doggie bloggie...
    Licks and sniffs,
    Zack, Sassy, and Buddy