Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm Drowning!

OK, it just seems like it.  The rains are spitting water all over the place!  I am so beside myself!  The pink towels are out WAY too much!  I can't even bring myself to show you the torture I am now going through.  My person is also dusting off the 'dirt devil' cause when I get wet, I dry off and then shed like leaves in the fall!  What a mess!  :)  (I do it on purpose, don't ya know...)

But, on my walk today, we did see some work that just had to be the work of evil least that is what my she suggested!!  Here in the Great State of Texas - I ask?  She ignored me, and we continued on through the rains...What is a beaver I ask?  She again ignores me...

Pictures maybe tomorrow!  If we don't drown on our walkie in the morning!  (Tell her the flashy beast will live with a few rain drops...otherwise, you may never see me again!)




  1. Hey Baylor, I am confused. After last years drought I thought you would be happy to get a little rain.

    Except that it sounds like you are getting a lot more than a little bit.

    Just keep thinking how pretty the spring will be.

  2. Us desert dwelling folks don't do so well when we get too wet, do we?