Saturday, January 28, 2012

HOME, HOMe, HOme, Home...

Whoo Hoo!  

So, she is FINALLY home!  She hasn't taken one note or prepared one post for all of my friends since she came home Tuesday night- claims she is "working" and "recovering".  Whatever that means!  And yes, I am now going to call her my she instead of my person from now on.  She didn't appreciate my generic name for her!

So, while she was exploring the great outdoors in Colorado, this is what I saw:

Ok, I did see other colors, but this was a special day!  Gorgeous pups!!!  What is better than a whole bunch of me's!!!!!

Here is a bit of what she saw in Colorado!  

Wow!  What a variety!  

She says that these are only the "Inside" friends she was with in Colorado.  There were lots of "Outside" friends that she missed with the new flashy beast!  Question for you - What are "Outside" friends?  I don't meet friends outside much being in the GST...we need our AC and comfort!   

I loved my time at Dogtopia, but I missed my she!  I ran circles around her for a very long time when she picked me up!  But, silly she that she is, she forgot her new flashy beast in my ride - so no pictures of our reunion!  Well, we finally left Dogtopia, and after 6 whole days there, I was H-O-M-E!  

20 seconds in the door - I found my "let me rest for a bit" space:

30 seconds in the door - I didn't want to move an inch, let alone go to bed!!  I am EXHAUSTED!

Home sweet home....see you in the morning...Now turn off the flashy hurts my eyes.
Well, I have to talk my she into getting more postings on this blog space!  She has lots of some cool pictures to show you of her time in Colorado with her new flashy beast!  So, it may be a while before you see another picture of my gorgous self!  (ya, right!!)  

PS - The answers to where my she has been since August!  
  • Denali National Park, Alaska  (August)
  • Seaworld in Orlando Florida (November)
  • Coon Rapids, Minneapolis (December) (She forgot her flashy beast...BOL!  Fooled you!)  But I did like the answer of the "far side of the moon"! How cool would that be!
  • Colorado!

Being from the GST, she said she would tell me what those big things are in the pictures at some point in the future....she has to consult with K and R first on how to "break the news" to me???

Bark at ya later!



  1. So many beautiful puppies all over! And the mountains aren't bad either!

  2. Beautiful mountains! It is good to have your peeps back too.

  3. It's always good to have "them" home. I lose my head when my MOM goes away, even for just a day. I like the "clors" you saw.

  4. Maybe she could "break the news" by taking you to visit one of those big white things! It's cold when you visit them but it can be fun, too!

    Glad that your mom had fun but I'm also glad that you're back with her.