Sunday, January 1, 2012

Paws Crossed and a Great Blog.....

Just wanted to share this with you all (ok, not so many of you all yet, but I have high hopes) this blog and the health scaries that are going on in Colorado.  Please send good vibes to our friend K - she needs all the paws crossed at this time.  Also keep in mind her four legged friend R and her bipeds.....

K in Colorado

Thank you for your paws forward!  These guys are the best!



  1. Hey Baylor! Sure nice to meet you. My MOM's family is from Texas. MOM is a huge ASTROS fan (even if they don't win). She has been cheering for them since brth.
    Our paws are crossed for K. We've been ready about her and KB and try to offer lots of prayers and good vibes.

  2. Hi, Baylor
    It's nice to meet you. From what you've said so far, I guess you might have the same sort of weather we have over here in Melbourne in Australia. (Just in reverse, lol.)

    I was so sorry to follow your link to the sad story of K. What a terrible diagnosis. I will pray for the humans as well as for K.