Monday, January 2, 2012


Hey ya all,

My person thought she would share some "before me" pictures with you (cause she is trying to figure out what I am trying to tell her this blog should be about!!).  

This is my blog - the Golden Boy from the "Great State of Texas" !  Need I say more!!??  My person is originally from Colorado - where is that??  She has been in the "Great State of Texas" for just over two years!  (OK, "Great State of Texas" is getting too hard to repeat all the time...just know it is true and I won't say it too often anymore!)  

(Note from Baylors' person:  He didn't ask my opinion on the "GST" - he is just sort of one-sided being a native of Texas and all....)

She came here without a four legger...and didn't find the situation to her liking!  I mean, she made sure she got a place with room for a four legger when she moved here - with most of the amenities that are necessary!  (Me:  Texas + No Pool = Big Mistake)  She just didn't know who she should share her space with!  

LOOK  AT WHAT SHE CAME UP WITH!!  I mean, really.....this is all she could come up with?  No imagination at all!!  :)

This pup traveled all over "my" house and "my" yard before I came here.....

This upstart even tried to "sweet talk" the mail person!  

My person named her "Buddy!"  That name is soooo original, huh?  She was the only four legger my person had for almost 6 months!  

SOMETHING ISN'T RIGHT!  I guess her world was just all upside down before I rescued her!

Oh well, at least she smartened up and let me help her out!!!  The best thing my person has ever done for herself  was getting me ! :)  Whoo hoo!

More stories to come of my time in the GST!  (You should know that by now!!)

Bark at ya later!


  1. Oh Baylor, I'm so glad that you rescued your mom!

  2. Re: Jack's Blog
    You caught me. He is really an alien from the future. Unfortunately, he can't talk so he can't tell me which stock to buy so we will be rich! :)

  3. PS. Your blog won't let me be a follower! :(

  4. Hi Baylor! I saw you over at Jack's place and came over to say "HI!"


  5. I think your owner has too much time on her hands, if she put the tree upside down!! My grandpups pushed our tree down one year.