Sunday, January 1, 2012


Woo Hoo!  2012!  I hope every furry friend (and kibble buyer) has a GREAT new year!

I have my new years resolutions all ready - if my person doesn't help me out, I may be reaching out to you!

1.  More walks to see the great state of Texas!
2.  More pool time in the Spring/Summer/Fall - or any time is is hot!
3.  More play time with my friends at Dogtopia!
4.  More time in my Jeep exploring more of the great state of Texas!

My list goes on, but these should keep my person busy enough!

Bark at ya later!



  1. Hi Bsylor, thanks for stopping by our blog. Nice to meet you. We aren't sure if you are a girl or a boy, but you sure are happy and beautiful - love that big smile.

    Wishes to you for 2012 to be happy, healthy, peaceful, and love-filled.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. I am a Texas Cowboy of course! Thanks for stopping by my new blog! I am sure we will be talking more in the coming days!

    Barks at ya Phantom, Thunder, Ciara and Lightning!


  3. Hey there Baylor! Love that picture of you in the pool. And, I want to know what Dogtopia is!! Hope you are having a great 2012 so far!