Sunday, January 8, 2012

Seizure Monsters!

Today is just a day to relax for me.  You see, I get the seizure monsters sometimes!  They woke me and my person up VERY early this morning - but I am feeling much better now.  But, I just want to lounge today....

My person is keeping a diary of these blasted monsters so she can talk with the experts more.

I never have these monsters at Dogtopia that they have seen!!  Maybe I should just move there!!  (I do wear a special red collar while I am there so that all of the two leggers know I have a medical condition and they can watch me extra close!)

OK, I will just relax and remember some of my fun times from the not so distant past!

"Back to the Beach" week at Dogtopia!!  What fun!!

Bark at ya later!



  1. Oh Baylor, I hope you are feeling better today! Dream of those fun times!

  2. Cisco used to have those - never any fun! Hopefully, yours will be few and far between!


  3. Take it easy and rest. Dream those wonderful dreams. Hope your day is filled with restful joy.

  4. Shucks, hope you are feeling better soon. That couch looks pretty comfy!! Have fun with friends at Dogtopia tomorrow.

  5. Rest is good after a seizure, Baylor. We hope they stop bothering you. But keeping a log is a very good idea. We read somewhere the other day on a blog that some seizures for a dog were being caused by his food. We think he was eating Kibbles and Bits. But we don't really know enough about it to be even speculating.

    You do look quite comfy and relaxed there on your sofa. Enjoy that rest.

    Happy Sunday.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Hi Baylor – I'm so sorry to hear about your seizure monsters! I hope your human can collect good information and that the vet can help you find a way to control them.

    By the way – I just wanted to let you know – when you leave a comment and write your blog address in the URL box – you often write it slightly wrong – you write "" but there is no "@" in your blog address – so the link doesn't work. You must write "" - use a " . " not "@" between your name and "blogspot"

    Honey the great Dane

  7. I'm sorry to hear about these seizures. Rest and recover, Baylor.