Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bye for Now!

Ok, ya all!

I am off to vacation early tomorrow!  Whoo Hoo!!  So, just so you don't forget me, here I am!  How handsome am I???!!!!

Oh - Wait!  Wrong picture!  This is when I gave myself a "facial" (and body scrub) after a rains here recently in the GST!  Good smells after the rains, don't ya know!!!  Boy, my person was speachless!  That never happens!!

(PS from the person - he seems to enjoy doing this a lot!  Luckily, he doesn't really mind the wash cloth and towel treatment afterwords!  Guess he just has too much fun getting this way and the scrubbing and combing he gets afterwords!)

OK, here is the handsome pic:  The morning sun on my face as I wait for my person to close up my ride!  (On my way to Dogtopia a few days ago - when the flashy beast was still in working order!)

Now - Just because my person will be out of town and not keeping up with my blog, she wants to give you new clues to where she has been!  These are in order!  August, November and then December....

Blast!  That December trip looks pretty depressing!!

Bark at ya when my person decides to come home!!  Until then, I will romp, roll, sniff, lounge, nap and play!  I have such a hard life!!

Bark at ya later!



  1. We're waiting for the return of your person! I hope that she has a great vacation!

  2. Hope you have a nice little break! Can't wait to see where your peeps are off to!