Monday, January 16, 2012

Flashy Beast News Alert!

Hey ya'all!  (This post is long for me....but since I haven't posted this week, I have a lot to tell you about!!)

Oh no!  I broke the flashy beast!  Yup!  I refused to cooperate with him at all this past week!  Now, he is refusing to work!!  This wouldn't bug my person too much normally, but you see, she is getting ready to leave me for a "mini-vacation" to go and see the "sun-sets and sun-rises" where K, R, KB and the Runner live!  Yup!  She is going to Colorado on Thursday and isn't too please that I broke the beast!  (She wants to get some great pics like KB gets - fat chance if you ask me...but she can try!)

So - my person is going to fly on a big bird, go see the "wild" south-eastern plains, go to a "murder mystery?", have a girls night in, eat, drink, AND go up into the big woods to explore and hike!  ALL WITHOUT ME!

Should I be a jealous??  Ok, truth be told, I guess I would like to see snow, the big woods and do a bit of hiking.  But I don't want to deal with the big bird and traveling from place to place on a daily basis - especially the places with no four leggers for me to play with!!

So, I have decided that it is best if I just have my own vacation here in Texas and enjoy a stay at Dogtopia!!  Yup - I get to go stay at my most favorite place and play with all of my friends for days!!  Whoo Hoo!  (Poor Dogtopia!  I can be unruly, challenging, full of energy and lots of exercise for them at times!).

Just so you don't forget me until the flashy beast gets fixed or replaced (which my person doesn't want to do 'cause she has a few of them laying around),  I leave you with a picture of me, and a few pictures of mom's latest adventures...Can you guess where she was??  These pics are all taken since August!  Yes, I have been having too much fun on my vacations at Dogtopia since she has has been all over !!!

Me behaving for once looking my best and wondering where the water is:

Bring on the Waves!
This was her trip in August!  You have to look for the 'glowing eyes" on this one!  Middle right....

Here was her November trip!

Her was her December trip!

Hopefully, her January trip pictures are better than December!!  Let me know where you think my person was during all her trips!  December might be a little difficult though, I'll admit!

Bark at ya later!


OH - PS, just for good measure, here is the area I live in in the GST!  Just ignore all of the two legger dwellings...they are all over the place here!!  


  1. Dogtopia sunds like a blast. If it's anything like Bert's Vickies place you will have tons of fun.
    OK I will go with Hawaii, Montana, Florida, and the dark side of the moon.

  2. I looked into Dogtopia and it sure looks like fun! Hope you have a great time!

  3. I think that you're going to have a blast at Dogtopia. And, I hope that we have some good weather for your mom. It's blasting wind today, harder than I ever remember before. There are snow drifts everywhere... Maybe *I* should just switch places with your mom for a while!!!! I bet that she's going to get even better photos than I do.

    I love that sunset... Wow!