Friday, January 6, 2012

Live, Love, Play - Dogtopia!

This is "yours truly" in the mornings - at least it was me before the no rains here in Texas created the craters to "China" in my back yard!  Now my person doesn't want me doing zoomies cause she is a pooper!


So, when she has to go to workies, I want to go someplace too! It is only fair! After all, it is a known fact - No Zoomies = One Overly Energetic Pup!  I try talking to her - but she only hears me about 50% of the time.  Selective hearing if you ask me!

Take me with you, Take me with you, Take me with you!

But the other 50% of the time!!!  Yee Haw!  

OK - I'm in my car!  What are you waiting for?

Yea!  Dogtopia!  My most favorite of places!  

After the long and painstaking walk through a parking lot to get to the front door, we are almost there!  

Open, open, open!

Now I have to drag mom walk nicely down a LONG hall to get to the "inner" door - where all of the fun is!  Good grief!  How many doors do you need?  Where is a doggie door when you need one?  

Come on already!  You're so slow!

Ahhh, some play time!!  This place is great!  It has 3 big play rooms - The "Toy Box", "Gym" and "Romper Room"!  I get to go romping, rolling, sniffing and lounging with all of my four legged friends!  (And you can take that to the bank!  They advertise it and I get it!!)  And I have made a few friends here let me tell you!  They also have special play days - which I will tell you about later!

Here I am having a bit of fun with one of the pack leaders...  

Come and get me if you can!
I can TOO bark longer than you Daisy!

Ah, a bit of lounging time!

After a full day of fun and playing with all of the other four leggers and pack leaders, my person picks me up  and we go home.  It takes me a few minutes to even get out of my car!  I am almost snoozing so comfy in it!  Once inside the walls, it is off to the living room and ...

Ah, running and.playing...playing and running!
Oops!  Tearing that shirt was probably a no-no! 

REAL soon after...I am o-u-t, out, out, out!  Seriously!


I think this is the part of the day that my person likes the best!  One plum tuckered out pooch after a grand day!

Bark at ya later!


Note - My person says it is important for me to give thanks!  Thank you's are given for my blog title today as well as my banner picture (and any current and future pictures of me playing at Dogtopia) to my best two legger friends other than my person - Kim and Amy at Dogtopia!  The title of this blog is the motto of Dogtopia!  Great, isn't it??!!  The banner picture was taken by Dogtopia of me during one of their "back to the beach" days!  If you would like additional information about Dogtopia for pooches in the Waco, TX area  you can contact Kim and Amy at Dogtopia here:  Dogtopia  Dogtopia also has other locations all around the states and you can find the one closest to you here:  Dogtopia Locations


  1. Hi Baylor, My name is Bert and I just found your blogsite. I was so excited to see you were one of the "Goldens"

    Your play place Dogtopia looks really fun. I actually live in a place like dogtopia cause My Human runs a fun day care and boarding place.

    I can't wait to learn more about you.....


  2. Wow, that looks like a very fun place!! Hope you have a fun weekend too!

  3. What a fun day you pack loves doing zoomies in the yard too.My girlz played so hard yesterday that they were all snoring in the posh dog bed pit last night. Oh well, a tired puppy is a HAPPY puppy and a Happy human.
    Have a good weekend.

  4. Dogtopia?! Woooow.. wish we had that over here!

  5. Lovely banner!

    It'd be nice to have a Dogtopia here!


  6. It sounds like you have SO much fun at Dogtopia, Baylor. And, those are great photos of you playing. They made me smile!